Monday, July 2, 2012

Three Meals

As I was preparing to go upstairs to begin the day, I had to stop because someone was already coming down the stairs. It was one of our visiting sisters, coming to report that she was having peculiar symptoms and probably needed to go see a doctor. After some calls and some negotiations, we figured the best shot was for Patricia to take her. I went on to Morning Circle and a few other tasks. Around 10 o'clock I noticed I was really hungry. Oh yeah.... I forgot to eat breakfast! I grabbed a bowl of cereal.

Father Charley miscalculated and had not yet returned from his errands to celebrate mass for 11:30. After waiting 10 minutes, we decided to have a communion service, so I got up to explain our change of plans. As I was still speaking, he pulled into the parking lot so we switched back to plan A. As soon as mass was over, I took Eduardo and Ernesto down to the pool for training in how to use the sump pump and a few other chores. I left them to their work and came back up the hill to my office to make phone calls.

Top on the list: what is up with Sister's health? Some cell phone calls to various folks, the upshot being that she's on her way to another doctor so we just don't know. I guess the good news was that the first one had not sent her to an emergency room. By then it was time for pool duty, so back down the hill I went.

What a great day at the pool! Sadly, it did not last. I had to return to negotiations and phone calls related to Sister's health and a few other things. I started to realize I was hungry. Oh yeah.... I forgot to eat lunch. I found some leftover grits in the fridge and microwaved them. Yum. Then I saw it looked like rain, and Blanket Time was coming soon. I sat on the front porch to work on a rainy day plan. Before I finished, Natalia came to tell me that three of the families, all related, had just learned their mother/grandmother was dying back home in New York. They naturally wanted to go home.

More negotiations, phone calls, and hugs while people cried. We cut short blanket time, cancelled Supper Circle, and piled the three families into two vans. Including bags of sandwiches and food prepared by Sr. Nancy and Sr. Marion. Cecily and I drove them to the Waterbury Train Station. As I was driving back to New Hartford I noticed I was hungry. Oh yeah.... I totally missed supper. But I had to stop at WalMart, PriceChopper, and Home Depot before getting back to Trinita just in time for 8:00 Family Gathering, presented by Nancy. I actually grabbed a bowl of chicken nuggets and wolfed them down before having to lead the group in "I am a Pizza."

I know this is a long post, but the day was not finished with me yet. I had to go to the Lodge after the meeting to tend to some business, then back up the hill to redo all the Peer Group and Blanket Time assignments. Just as I finished, Nancy called me to say the toilet is plugged up in Cabin 2, and where is Vinnie's cell phone number? Oh wow. I am happy to report that Father Charley has just fixed the toilet. 

I should go to bed now. I am really sleepy. But... I'm hungry.


Sr. Barbara Mc said...

Ho hum another day at Trinita.

Anonymous said...

Sounds all to familiar.... Just another day in the life of a MSBT........ I hope you finally got some grub. Love to you and the MSBTs ------ Smirna

Erika said...

Blessings sister Deb!!! I pray for all the sisters, volunteers and staff making this program possible and for all the families visiting Trinita this summer.