Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Feastday

I have had a busy month touring our three properties. Well, I am sort of kidding.But I did go to our congregation's birthplace, Holy Trinity, and made my annual retreat at our retreat center there for Holy Week.

Wow. Spring has sprung down there in Alabama. It was gorgeous, and by gorgeous I mean, think Indigo Girls singing Southland in the Spring. I spent hours everyday tromping all the trails and just smelling and touching everything. And I gave my blood for many mosquitoes, but nothing is perfect. It was so good to feel the sun on my bare arms, to work up a sweat, to get muddy and scratched by the smilax and blackberry vines just coming out. And it was good to pray at our graveyard. And sing in our chapel. Rejoice, heavenly powers! I sang the Exultet in the darkness, the way God intended, because we held off til well after sundown to start the Vigil.

Then, back at Trinita, I did a weekend by myself for the first time. It is brown and cold there, and we still have the corpses of former snowpiles bleeding away at the edges of our parking lot. Siena and Joan went to the Motherhouse for a meeting, so I was the one and only boss of Trinita. Hard work, but it would be impossible work if we did not have so many volunteers. Squadrons of folks who do missionary work by coming and helping us feed and clean up after 50 teenagers. It went well, except that I had to do breakfast both days. I am not a morning person.

And now, here I am at the Motherhouse. Today we celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation, and also our novice Janet will make her first profession of vows as a Missionary Servant of the Most blessed Trinity. So this is a great day, the best way to end a great month. I have seen all our properties, and it's been great. Tonight, I will go back to life at Trinita.

Friday, March 7, 2008


The weather is ordinary now. We are getting rain and the rivers are going to flood. All that snow melting, plus a drenching coming down.

We have a group of teens here this weekend, but I have no actual connection to them. I guess the only thing unusual going on is that we have a new couple coming to make the pancakes for breakfast and I have to get up to teach them how. Which is funny, because I have hardly ever had to do it myself. I am definitely not a morning person.

My work is ordinary, too. I had to work on the ordo, which is quite tedious. Perhaps the most tedious work I have had to do since I worked in a lab and had to do about a million zinc assays, day after weary day. Yeah, the ordo work can be pretty doggone tedious.

I suppose this could be a pretty tedious, ordinary, boring blog entry. I am instant messaging my brother right now so I can't even focus on anything clever to say. But why not. I can't always be clever and interesting!

And see, it's ok. Right now, at 11:15 PM, a bunch of teenagers have gone out onto the front lawn, which in fact is too dark even to see, and they are running around laughing in the rain. This is a fun, happening place! Who would not want to live here?