Thursday, September 2, 2010

Paving Day

They started very early this morning. I woke up smelling asphalt. It got up to 100 degrees this afternoon, but they did not stop til they finished. The picture above, Nancy watering the tomatoes tonight after supper, can hardly convey how different things look now.

Tim Traub is the man we have to thank for this major improvement of our property. He owns and operates Hemlock Construction Company.

I hate to break it to you Missionary Cenacle Volunteers, but we've lost some prime Blanket Time real estate to the handicap access. Sorry.

The playground area is going to look a lot better after the grass grows back. Tim took excess fill from the front and used it to level out the playground area. We can spread out around the campfire a little better now.

And I feel obliged to provide one more video. It might give a better idea of the noise, heat and smell the men endured all day. But then, they are professionals. We are very grateful to our many donors who made this project a reality.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day of the Steamroller

Well, it's probably not called a steamroller. I should ask Tim what all these machines are really called. This one showed up on our last day of business post-summer program. No one was around to tell us not to mess with it, and we couldn't resist sitting on it.

This is the parking lot now. It is so quiet. And so very, very flat. Yesterday the front lot looked like it had taken mortar fire. Today, in 90 degree sun, the steamroller guy made all the rough places plain. The house shook most of the day. Things fell off shelves. Really.

Now, it's all very pastoral. The crows are poking around looking for supper.

Tomorrow, the paving will begin, probably around 6 AM. Don't expect any photos of the first pour of asphalt hitting the ground.