Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rocky Road

Seriously, it does not get any better than this.

I am eating rocky road ice cream with milk and granola, in a huge coffee mug. Kind of like a Dairy Queen Blizzard of my own invention. I was in bed trying to fall asleep. No good. My mind is full of many thoughts, and at some point I realized... Hey. I'm hungry.

So here I am, happy as can be, despite being tired and achy from being on my feet all afternoon. I made a double-batch of carrot coconut soup, then I made a baked potato bar for our weekend guests. I love cooking, and the soup is one of my favorite recipes, despite how weird it sounds. In fact, it tastes great.

While I was doing this, Siena and Marion were renovating our cenacle. Well, we had Vinnie to do the heavy lifting. Since Sharon moved in yesterday, we really needed to reconfigure to accommodate five people instead of four downstairs. We live underground, sort of. Pretty cramped down there in the basement. But they came up with a new layout, and man, it looks like a new cenacle down there now.

This ice cream is great! Rocky road, there's a metaphor for you. I have certainly traveled on one this past year. But this year is looking like smooth sailing. I wonder what kind of ice cream Smooth Sailing would be? Maybe I will invent it. Despite being a rocky road, it was a great year, as I look back. Granted, I worked too hard. But even so, it was good work, with good people. Many blessings.

I've almost finished my ice cream. I will try going back to bed, and hopefully fall asleep this time. I know it was a little crazy to get up and fix myself ice cream and post on my blog at 1 AM. But this sure beat laying in the dark wide awake. And as I lay there, I remembered Olivia told me to post on my blog tonight. "What, you haven't posted since the summer program???" See how obedient I am? So, good night world. Tomorrow morning, Nancy and I will make pancakes and sausage for our guests, and it will be another beautiful fall day here at Trinita. I plan to have fun.