Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christ The King

My computer troubles have continued, but after its third trip to a facility in California, I think my Presario is back to normal. In the meantime, fall has come and winter is almost here. We've already had nights in the teens and a dusting of snow. Now when I look out of my office window, I see a nicely raked lawn, grass fading from green to brown, and a forest of bare branches.

The lectionary readings this week are kind of scary. The end times. But so much of my experiences in recent months have provided with me a lens to see signs of hope and new life rather than signs of dying. We had a gathering of Cenacle Family here this Sunday and I was surprised at not only how many, and who, showed up, but at the energy in the group. What a power for good! Someone actually said, "These are exciting times for the MCA!" I think we can't know and act on the signs of hope unless we gather like this and share what energy we have.

Our Christ the King celebration was a practice shot, prepared and executed without any committee meetings or extensive planning. Now that we've done it, it's clear that it is wanted and needed and must be continued. Imagine what it could look like if we did approach the event with a bit more organization and planning. I continue to be haunted by the words from Father Judge's conference which Margaret Flanagan presented to us this Sunday. The fire in us must be communicated, and it will be. "Because the Holy Spirit wants it communicated!" So no more lame excuses.