Sunday, March 31, 2013

Santa Fe

This is different, because I'm not at Trinita at this moment, but I'm feeling the connection. I'm in New Mexico on a semi-religious pilgrimage with a friend, Nancy S. We've had some really cool experiences at three different churches during this Holy Week.

I won't describe it  all here, just one moment. 8:00 am Spanish mass at the basilica of St. Francis in Santa Fe. A beautiful Easter mass, a packed Cathedral, two baptisms.  After all  the rituals of oil and water and  candles and clothing, the parents carried their babies slowly down the central aisle,  holding  them up to be blessed by the assembly. As I watched Nancy trace a cross on the baby's forehead, I felt the communion of saints. The link between a community of faith in Connecticut and one in New Mexico. The reality of the mystical body of Christ.