Thursday, January 31, 2013

Here Come the Turkeys

An oft-quoted description of the Catholic Church: "Here comes everybody!" Yup, and Trinita is a microcosm of the Catholic Church. Throughout the year, we have all kind of folks coming and going.

Well, except in January. It's a quiet month here. We've had some snow, and rain, and wind storms, but not a lot of action. Except for the turkeys. They come every day. 

Today we had an interesting break from cold bleak gray. It rained, then shot up to the 50s, and the sky turned blue. I looked out my bedroom window this morning and could count twelve of them over by Cabin One. Usually they are just poking around looking bored and brainless. But not today. Half of them were fanning their tails and rushing each other in feathery chest bumps. I was almost tempted to run out there and yell at them to break it up.

Ha. Maybe I get bored in January, too, if I am ready to discipline a flock of half-grown turkeys! Well, the break is over. Tomorrow, a big group of teens is coming from St. George in Guilford. It will be fun!